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Colour Vision: Ishihara and City University Tests

Gail Crisp, DipAppSc, DOBA
Julie Green, DipAppSc, DOBA
Jean Pollack, DipAppSc, DOBA, GradDip Neurosciences

The aim of this study was to compare the results recorded from two colour vision tests. The City University Colour Vision Test (CUCVT.2nd ed 1980) and Tests for Colour Blindness by Ishihara (Ishihara, 24 plates, 1974) were used to assess colour acuity in a population of kindergarten children (n=81). Traditionally, Ishihara has been used to detect red/green colour deficiencies, and the CUCVT aims to detect blue-yellow anomalies as well as red/green. We found that there was no significant difference in error recording between the two tests with regard of time taken, instructions, given, level of illuminations, or presentation order. However, CUCVT did not agree with the Ishhara in detecting red/green defects in this population, and appears to be more sensitive or biased towards eliciting errors of a blue/yellow nature.

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