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A Test of Visual Function Applicable to Children with Severe Cognitive Impairments

Kerry Fitzmaurice, HDTS DipAppSci (Orth) DOBA
Associate Professor Hector Maclean FRCS (Edin) FRACO

Many tests of vision have been developed to ensure the accurate measurement of this important sense. Some of these tests have been modified to facilitate testing in cases of special need, yet despite these modifications some severely cognitively impaired children are unable to comply with the requirements of visual acuity testing. This paper reports some of the evaluation finding of a new test of visual function designed facilitate testing of severely intellectually and / or multi-handicapped children. Results from trials of two phases of the new test are presented. Phase 1, validation trials with 96 cognitively normal children and phase 2, evaluation trials with 73 intellectually, multi-handicapped children are presented. Phase 1 trials indicated the new test demonstrated strong positive correlation with standard clinic tests and had good internal validity. Phase 2 indicated the new test was significantly more successful in facilitating testing of the target population than standard clinic tests.

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