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Visual Field Screening in Diabetes

Bronwyn Jennings, BappSc(Orth) DOBA

Regular retinal screening of all diabetic patients is recommended because early detection and treatment of diabetic retinopathy can prevent or reduce visual loss. A screening test which detects changes in retinal sensitivity before retinopathy is detected ophthalmoscopically would be a valuable tool in drawing attention to those patients at risk of developing retinopathy. The aim of this study was to determine if visual field changes in forty six (46) diabetics with little or no diabetic retinopathy could be detected using a Humphrey Field Analyser full field 120 point (threshold related) screening test. The results show that this test can detect visual field defects both in diabetic subjects with no retinopathy and those with mild retinopathy. Since it is comparatively quick, reasonably sensitive and able to test out to 60 degrees it may be a useful test in preliminary screening for diabetic eye disease.

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