Volume 39 (1)

Australian Orthoptic Journal: 2007 Volume 39 (1)


Editorial – The New Orthoptics


Editorial – The Value of Case Studies


Two Cases of Valsalva Retinopathy Treated with Nd:YAG Laser Hyaloidotomy

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Temperature – A Contributing Factor in a Case of Superior Oblique Palsy

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Discordant Unilateral Myopia in Adult Female Monozygotic Twins Discordant Refraction in Monozygotic Twins

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The Speed of Emmetropia

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Acquired Colour Vision Assessment – Is Ishihara Really Enough?

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Intermittent Exotropia: A Review of the Natural History and Non-surgical Treatment Outcomes

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Selected abstracts from the OAA 62nd Annual Scientific Conference, Hobart, 6-9 November 2005


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